What Different Kinds of Marriage Notices Do You Need to Send Out?

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Of course you need to send out wedding invitations, but there are lot of other cards that people send out around their nuptials. Engagement announcements, save the date cards, and marriage notices are all essential, but you might also send physical notices out for engagement parties and even your bucks or hens night.

I’ll assume you know all about what wedding invitations are, but what about the other kinds of notice to send out? What kind of information should you include, and who should you be sending it to?


Engagement announcements

This is something that you can send out in the few days after your proposal. An engagement announcement is a card that lets your family and friends know that you have decided to get married, often with a photo of the two of you together and the ring (or rings) being shown off. You should send this one to anyone who would want to get the update about you, even if you don’t know if they will make the cut for wedding invitations.


Save the date cards


save the date invitation


A save the date card is designed to let people to know to block a day out for your nuptials. You should send this out as soon as you pick a date to ensure that the people who you want to bring are free. You also don’t need to wait until you have all the details (venue, time etc.) like you will for your wedding invitations.

Warning: DO NOT send a save the date card to anyone if you aren’t 100% sure they will be on your guestlist! There’s nothing worse than building up someone’s expectations about a party, then excluding them from it.


Marriage notices

A marriage notice is a card you send out to distant family and acquaintances to announce that you have gotten married. It should be sent out after the celebrations, to ensure that no one mistakes these cards for wedding invitations, but soon enough after that the news is fresh.

Of course in the age of social media most people you will send a notice to would already know about the marriage, but it’s still nice to get a card. You also don’t need to notify anyone who was sent wedding invitations either, even if they RSVP’d no – you can assume they already know about the celebrations.

The personal marriage notice is also separate to putting an announcement in your local paper. That will serve as a general community announcement, and you might also choose to put notices in the paper of the town you grew up in, but it isn’t personal enough for some people. Marriage notices are for people who were on your B-list for wedding invitations – people you almost brought, or who you felt guilty about excluding, but just weren’t close enough to in the end.


What about wedding invitations?

When it comes to asking people to come and giving them the details they need you need to send out formal messages, including an RSVP card so people can let you know if they will make it. This card is the one you really need to put the effort into, and it is a part of your nuptials rather than simply a formality or courtesy.

You should make sure you include locations (if the ceremony and reception are in different places then both addresses), timings and any extra details your guests might need. For example, if you are not inviting kids then you should make this clear. The RSVP card inside your wedding invitations also needs to include a spot for people to note dietary requirements.