Top 7 Most Important Painting Accessories

must-have painting accessories

Depending on the type of design you hope to achieve, some painting accessories are worth your money, while others are not. To create a good design, you need top-quality tools, be in a good mental state, and lots of preparation. Cheap painting accessories may not give you the desired results you want. In this article, we hope to give you a list of tools you need to acquire to achieve the flawless picture you have conjured up in your head. 

Must-have painting accessories 

Below are the top 7 must-have painting accessories you need to make your painting journey an interesting and exciting one! 

Paint wringer

Do you want to limit wastage? You may consider acquiring a paint wringer. Most people give up on their tubes when they cannot get the last amount of paint out of them. This is where a paint wringer, a tool with grooved rollers, comes into the picture. It provides you with enough squeeze that will get almost all the paint out of the tube in no distant time. This is how the paint wringer helps you limit wastage. 

Color wheel 

Whether you’re a pro or a newbie who is just starting the business, a color wheel is one of the indispensable painting accessories you need. Why? This tool that has colors arranged according to spectrum order, improves your understanding of how color mixing works. There’s also an option available for you to create your color wheel. This will be of great importance to you if you’re new to the painting world and want to create color harmony. 

Paint brush cleaner 

After using a paintbrush, don’t allow it to dry out because when it does dry between the bristles, it will be quite difficult to clean. This could lead to the loss of the brush. After each painting session, always endeavor to clean your brush with a paintbrush cleaner. This is not just about maintaining cleanliness but also the overall condition of the brush. 

Palette & Palette knives

Palette is one of the painting accessories you could use in holding and mixing paints. 

While the palette knife is used to paint and create strokes of colors that are rather bold.

Easel Light 

The need for proper lighting in the studio is usually underrated. Poor lighting in the studio translates to a poor appreciation of colors. Especially if your studio is not properly lit, you may have to acquire an easel light. This is quite enough to provide you with the needed amount of illumination you need in the studio. 

Proportional divider 

Beginners will find this tool extremely important. You’re just starting, therefore it’s advisable to trace the outline of whatever you want to paint by using a proportional divider. This tool ensures you draw in proportion. It’s one of the most important painting accessories you need to acquire. 

Value finder 

Just like the name suggests, it helps you in finding out the true value of any color. Use the value finder to match your subject with whatever color to the closest value. However, you should note that light sources may lead you to some assessment errors. 

These are some of the must-have painting accessories we could come up with. What accessory do you think we left out? Tell us in the comment box!