Tips on How to find Accounting Internships

Tips on How to find Accounting Internships

Acquiring experience before jumping into the world of accounting is essential today. This is because most employers would like to work with someone with experience in the field of accounting. Therefore, after finishing your finance, accounting, or business degree, you need to first secure an internship in firms that offer various accounting services.

You don’t necessarily have to wait until you finish your degree because you can apply for an internship way before graduating. This will jumpstart your career once you have graduated. It is particularly ideal in the accounting industry, where experience is paramount for obtaining a CPA license. Adequate work experience enables you to soar to greater heights on the corporate ladder.

With that said, you may be wondering where and how you can get accounting internships. This article explains the tips for acquiring internships in different fields of accounting.

Understanding Accounting Internships

Hands-on experience is essential, especially when looking for employment in big firms. Many firms require their entry-level hires to have acquired adequate experience to get and stay in the job. And since many accounting students get successful grades, having experience becomes a more determining factor for getting hired.

Accounting internships are opportunities offered to students that enable them to get a glimpse of what the professional accounting world is. During these internships, you learn to apply your accounting and communication skills while readying yourself for the real world. What’s more, you are offered the same responsibilities as the other employees and regarded with equal standards.

During the accounting internships, you will find out whether you are suited for the department before actually getting into one.

An accounting internship program is also a good way to let firms know you and your capabilities. Once you are ready for your career, the firms might offer you a permanent position.

Requirements for landing an accounting Internship

Accounting internships

An internship is similar to getting a job. The big firms will require you to have a good GPA to accept you as an intern. A good GPA is usually something above 3.5. You can also research your desired accounting internships to find out other requirements. Some firms may want their intern to have taken other accounting courses to qualify for the internship.

There is always something positive about being exceptional in a crowd of other applicants. This means you can decorate your extra-curricular track record to enable you to stand out and become top of the list on the list of accounting internships. Therefore, you need to be involved with various organizations for students and network widely for recognition.

Going the extra mile is also ideal when looking for internships. Most employers will not expect an intern to know everything. It is your chance to wow them with extra experience, which will, in turn, put you ahead of the rest. In doing so, the employers will see how willing and motivated you are to learn.

Finding an Accounting Internship

  • In the world today, many accounting or auditing firms recruit interns in advance (6 months- 1 year). Therefore, it is essential to start looking for an opportunity as early as possible.
  • You can start looking for internship opportunities at local firms, major firms, government or NGOs, and industries. Just ensure you apply in an organization aligning with your area of expertise.
  • You can get help from your college adviser, who will see that you meet major requirements for accounting internships.
  • Your school’s resources will probably have high chances of getting you that internship through various career services and programs.


Accounting internships are essential, especially in this competitive industry. They are the best way to acquire experience and better yourself for future engagements in the field. Internships prepare you to face the real professional world.