Thinking you might need family lawyers in Sydney?

Thinking you might need family lawyers in Sydney-

Are you thinking you might require family lawyers in Sydney, either now or sometime in the near future?

Are you separated, or maybe your partner has filed for divorce? Can you see a custody battle looming or do you have one impending?

Your family law expert in Sydney is ready for immediate engagement.

Here are some tips and question to consider when you are engaging a professional.


This is the most crucial question you should ask of any family lawyer in Sydney. Have you got experience practicing this area and if so is it in both the federal and local based family law courts for New South Wales?

Finding out how often your lawyer goes to the exact court your case will be heard at can be the difference between a good outcome and a bad one.

Knowing magistrates, opposing counsel and procedures of a court gives your case a great advantage.

Find creative solutions for property settlement

With the crazy real estate prices in Sydney these days, it is often very difficult for an individual to maintain payment on a heavily mortgaged home upon obtaining a divorce.

This process becomes even more complicated when there are children and child custodies issues involved.

An experienced family law expert will be familiar with a variety of ideas that can help save a home from having to be sold.

Again, finding a lawyer who is familiar with the Sydney market and the laws of how they apply to property ownership in New South Wales is crucial here.

Familiarity with updated laws around trusts and self-managed superannuation

Family lawyers Sydney

With property prices being as high as they are in Sydney, many people have found different ways to compile and manage their assets.

This has seen many changes by both federal and state jurisdictions in regards to taxation consequences on these type of investments and money management strategies.

Again, it is important to stress the importance of local knowledge of not just family law but also of property law, tax law and how superannuation works.

Referral to other services

Family law can be a messy and complicated area of law where emotion generally runs high and there are often multi layered facets to each and every claim.

In cases such as where parents have been denied access to children for a long period of time, divorce proceedings have become long and drawn out and highly complex or in particular domestic violence situations, a good family lawyer in Sydney will be familiar with the excellent range of services available for people in these types of circumstances and be able to help direct you towards getting specialized help while they get on with handling your claim.

Disclosure of fees upfront

Be sure to have a discussion about the fees your case will attract at the earliest possible convenience. Whilst many legal firms may advertise highly appealing and seemingly discounted rates, there are often many hidden fees and charges, some of which they will ask for upfront at your own expense instead of out of your settlement.

The best family lawyers in Sydney may not necessarily be the cheapest or have the fanciest advertising and not all advertising is always what it seems to be on first glance.

Don’t be rushed into making a decision to engage a solicitor and be sure to ask for all details of fees and payment to be documented clearly and concisely.

People only require family lawyers at times of great turmoil in their life. So be sure you are armed with the right advice and information before you engage a Sydney family lawyer.