Things To Consider When Choosing Scaffolding For Hire


When you are working on a multi leveled building one of the most effective tools to help you with your project is to choose the right scaffold needed for your construction. These structures have been the height of engineering design for many years with barely little actually being changed in the way they are designed. Due to how reliable and effective these tools are you will find that many companies will opt for scaffolding for hire when they are completing a job.

However like most things there are things that you need to consider before you make your final decision. Below we are going to explore those things and why you need to look them over before you go with scaffolding for hire for your next job.


Qualifications and experience

One of the big things that you need to consider about scaffolding for hire before you get it is the qualifications and experience of your team. Each member on site who will be operating on these systems needs to have undergone the appropriately training and be equipped with their safety ticket before they use it. Failure to comply with these guidelines may results in serious injury as well as many different parties suing you for negligence.

Additionally any system that is over 4m tall must be erected by an individual who is ticketed and qualified to do so. As these networks of pipes and bars can reach up to several stories tall you will want to make sure that it is sturdy and put together properly.


scaffoldsHow long is the job for?

Many companies and individuals dwell over the decision of if they should buy or go with scaffolding for hire instead. This factor that you need to consider ultimately depends upon your own personal situation. For example, smaller one off jobs that require you to work at heights will require these tools but do you need to spend all that money to buy your own set? If the job is quick and you won’t need to use them again in the near future you should opt for a rental.

However if you find that your business attracts a lot of these jobs it may be worth considering buying them. This way you won’t have to rent a new set every time you get a new job. Long rental periods can also add up to be more than buying your own set altogether.


What system is best for your job?

Another important factor to consider when thinking about scaffolding for hire is what type of system does your job need. These arrays of bars come in many different forms and can be made out of all sorts of materials. Originally the Asian population built them out of bamboo as the material was strong and flexible for their needs. Today most rental companies can provide the following variants.

Steel systems

If you are looking at supporting heavy loads that can be adapted to any type of job then steel is your best bet. These systems are very commonly used and can be made to fit any type of job.

Aluminum networks

Systems made from aluminum are a lot lighter which allows them to form networks that steel couldn’t manage. You can opt to get towers installed, stairs or even systems over a roof. This material is very adaptable and is great for the more intricate types of jobs.

Access towers

Access towers can be made from both steel and aluminum but only if your job requires it. They are great for easy roof access that can host stairs and ladders for easy mobility.