The Bubbling Benefits Of Using Glass Bongs To Toke

African woman holding a glass bong

Glass bongs have been in use since ancient times, with evidence showing that the ancient Egyptians even used to toke it up! Glass bongs often will be used for their efficiency and effectiveness in extracting the most smoke from your bud. Before we go into the many benefits of using these products, we have to understand how it works. These products work by combusting the bud into a ‘stem’ which pulls the smoke into water. Once the smoke is in the water, the carcinogens and other nasties in it are filtered out. The mouth is placed over the top and then the smoke has inhaled. By filtering the smoke through the water, it allows for not only a bigger hit but also a smoother hit which is gentle on the throat. There are also many different types of products out there, from standard items to iced out ones which cool the smoke further, to recyclers using two chamber systems products with added percolators to further increase the filtration of the smoke. If you are thinking about purchasing a similar product, here are some of the benefits of using glass bongs to toke.

Much smoother hits

Using glass bongs as an alternative to other products will garner one large and noticeable difference, the hits are much larger, and they are much smoother. Other products such as a pipe or joint will usually make the user cough significantly and leave a harsh feeling in the back of the throat. This can often leave the user feeling uncomfortable, or first time users disliking the experience due to the burning in their throat. With glass bongs, you are filtering the harsh smoke through a layer of water which filters out any nasties as well as creating a smoother and more delicate hit. Once the smoke leaves the water it will be noticeably smoother on the throat, and this is a primary reason why people enjoy these products for their toking needs.

Better filtration

Better filtration is a great reason as to why users use glass bongs for their smoking needs. The filtration that occurs in these products all happens at the water level. When the smoke passes through the water, small carcinogens and tar is filtered out and left behind in the water. In doing so, the smoke is left much ‘cleaner’ in terms of the nasty stuff, and it also leaves a much smoother hit. Within combustion of bud, there are many byproducts that are created, such as tar and ash. Inhaling these are definitely not good for you, and the health detriments of doing so are well documented in cigarette smokers. When using glass bongs, you will be filtering all of this stuff out and ensure your lungs are being damaged the least through your smoking sessions.

Reduction in bacteria and mold

Using glass bongs can help to reduce the bacteria and mold that you inhale. When using cannabis, many users enjoy the social aspect of the session, where they pass joints and pipes around. However, this will lead to the spread of bacteria from user to user, which is especially dangerous during the times of the pandemic. With glass bongs, the water filters out bacteria when the smoke passes through it, as well as any other contaminants. You should ideally be changing the water in your product after every session, as well as wipe down the mouthpiece after every use.

Glass bongs are a popular form of toking, and this is due to the many benefits they bring. The primary ones are mentioned above and are good enough reasons to start using glass bongs.