The Top Happiest Cities to Live in

When it comes to choosing a city to live in, what you want to be looking for is a place that is worthy of investment. Meaning, a place that you’d like enough to live in, permanently.

What does it mean to be happy in a city, in the U.S. for instance?

Well, there are many cities to choose from in the U.S, which makes it difficult to choose the ideal place, in the first place. Second, you must find a city that speaks directly to you, meaning you  want to live there.

Factors such as the weather, the set up of the city, the type of people who live there, schools, governmental status, access to proper health care, safety, crime rate, as well as the entertainment scene, restaurants and activities, all needs to be taken into consideration, before choosing a city to call your home.

The Top 5 Cities to Live in

#1 Boulder, Colorado

Listed as the number one happiest city to live in, in the U.S, Boulder Colorado owes its incredible appeal to all it has to offer its community. Not only does the city have a lot to offer, but it also gives everyone a sense that they’re a part of a community, which is something that cannot be found in, per say, business-driven cities.

The city also boasts with beautiful nature, preservation policies, a high rate of safety, and sustainable urban development.

#2 Charlottesville, Virginia

As a city that is considered one of the creative beacons within the U.S, Charlottesville offers a lot of opportunities, both indoors and outdoors. With its beautiful architecture, amazing universities, as well as famous World Heritage sites, it is a city worthy of your time, whether it’s for a visit, or to live in.

#3 San Luis, California

Now, where would this list of bests be without the very famous state of California? Nowhere, that’s where.

The city of San Luis Obispo, situated in California, has some of the most wonderful views and day trips, which allows you to explore sand dunes, wineries, as well as coastal views, biking and hiking trails. It is thus considered the perfect location for the outdoor-lover.

#4 Provo, Utah

As the third biggest city in the state of Utah, Provo is situated between Wasatch and Utah Lake, which allows for a perfect blend of outdoor and a vibrant city. It also allows you the freedom to hike, fish and even raft, in more places than one.

Plus, if you’re into snow, you’ll enjoy this city.

#5 Barnstable Town, Massachusetts

Made up of seven perfect little villages, the city of Barnstable has the ideal approach to what a family environment, or the perfect white-picked fence inspired home, should look like.

What’s more, it’s one of the safest cities you’ll ever live in, and when living in a village, who isn’t happy?