Portable truck tire changer buying tips

Portable truck tire changer buying tips

No doubt, truck tire changers are one of the greatest inventions in the world. Have you ever taken time to imagine how stressful changing truck tires will be without this amazing equipment? It will definitely be a struggle.

From semi-automatic tire changers to fully automatic, leverless, and assist arms, the automotive market is flooded with different types of truck tire changers, and they vary in design, shape, and sizes — however, they ultimately serve the same function; make it easier to change truck tires.

Because of the myriad of options available, truck owners and repair shop owners are finding it difficult to make the right choice of truck tire changers. Also, considering the fact that that tires sometimes have a mind of their own, one can never tell where and when you will be changing your tires. As such, it will be best to have a portable truck tire changer handy.

 This brings us to the question that has triggered many concerns from truck owners; the million-dollar question;

How to choose the best portable truck tire changer?

Thanks to the variety of portable truck tire changers out there, finding the right truck tire changer is no child’s play. However, if you have the right information about tire changers and look in the right places, you can buy yourself a durable tire changer.

It is always best to have a checklist of factors to consider before searching for a portable truck tire changer. Let’s look at factors you should consider while finding the best portable truck tire changer.

  • How long will it take to change the tire
Portable truck tire changer

As the famous saying goes, time is money. It is bad enough that you have to pull over to (probably on a cold night and on a lonely road) to change your truck tire. Spending extended time to get it done only makes it more stressful.

While choosing a portable truck tire changer, you should take time to inquire how long it will take to change the tires — The faster a tire can be changed, the better. If you are a small-scale garage owner, you can consider getting an economy model pocket-friendly. Even though such models can take a longer time to change truck tires, they will still get the job done.

Big garages and fleet management companies can go for more expensive options of portable truck tire changer, one that offers fast turnover of vehicles and can handle virtually every size of truck tires. That is not to say that the best portable truck tire changer is the one with the highest price tag. If you do your research properly, you will get a tire changer that will pay for itself within the shortest time.

  • Budget

Of course, it’s almost impossible to discuss buying a portable truck tire changer without mentioning their cost and how much you will spend on them; your budget. As we mentioned earlier, the most expensive tire changer is not always the best.

So, take time to go through the available options and ask questions. You can compare prices online before settling for any option. That way, you would know if the tire changer is overpriced.

Other factors to consider are:

  •  the wheel clamping range
  • Are you buying from a reputed/trusted dealer?
  • Ease of maintenance and cost of replacement parts
  • Is the manufacturer trustworthy?
  • Warranty of the portable truck tire changer