Making Balloon Columns Pop For Local Brands: Tips and Tricks


Balloon columns from Balloon Saloon are perfect packages for local businesses who want to throw an event or celebrate a milestone.

Seen as one of the most affordable marketing options in the market, these items are custom made to draw in kids and families.

But there are methods that can optimize this investment.

Let us examine some key strategies to leverage.


Pick Vibrant Colour Scheme

Balloon columns from Balloon Saloon are only as vibrant and visible as the business wants them to be. In this regard it is worthwhile investing in a bright colour scheme that incorporates reds, yellows, greens, oranges and pinks that really pop. Neutral colours like black, white, brown and even cool blue won’t really garner that attention. This could mean that the company has to get creative if the brand or event is not in tune with that type of colour scheme, as the goal is to be creative and to make bystanders draw their attention to the shop.


Using Columns For Grand Entrance

One of the great benefits of installing balloon columns for a business is to set them up for a grand entrance. This will showcase to incomers who could be customers, event attendees or just interested people taking a look that this is a special occasion. One of the great challenges for companies situated in tight commercial environments like busy city streets and shopping centres is that they have to fight for attention against nearby competitors. This is a method of broadcasting a message and using the space in the best way possible, seen via a grand entrance for an indoor and outdoor setting.


Use Right Materials For Indoor or Outdoor Setting

Balloon columns arrive in all manner of shapes, sizes and materials that gives businesses a chance to adapt their setting. Should a batch be produced with just helium and Mylar, there is a chance that it won’t be suitable for outdoors with the wind, sun and rain coming into play. Others will use a latex liquid rubber design and fill the items with Hi-Float gas that can be sustained for 2-3 days. The cheaper helium will be a good option for indoor parties and events, but tougher materials filled with hydrogen could be better used if there is an outdoor setting for the organisation.


Include Extra Balloon Design Styles

balloons with prints

Balloon columns are great items for local businesses to leverage for their event, but they can feel slightly out of place if left in isolation. Should there be a number, name, logo or picture that helps to signify what the celebration is for, that can allow the entire presentation to truly pop and be visible from a distance. Shoppers will often buy these items to mark an 18th, 21st or 50th birthday party but local brands are able to adapt these balloons to signify a company milestone or a product giveaway for customers.


Offer Giveaways For Local Customers

Arguably the greatest challenge for businesses investing in balloon columns is that there is a degree of waste disposal and packing up time that has to be undertaken when the event wraps up. Yet these items can be giveaways in and of themselves, giving owners and managers a chance to hand out individual balloons for kids and to adults alongside other gifts and prizes. Particularly if these products have a company logo or message included, they will add value and increase brand recognition beyond the scheduled presentation.



Companies large and small can leverage balloon columns for their own purposes and make them pop with a bit of extra effort and forward thinking. These items can be purchased in bulk and because of their affordability, they can give the best possible return on investment (ROI) when weighed against other products in the industry.