Lessons To Take From Modern Electric Companies Like EAS


Electrical service providers like EAS have set the benchmark for the modern expectations of consumers and businesses and offer services that are in high demand across the board. While the old school days of electrician services are still necessary and needed, there have been leaps and bounds in the realm of more renewable sources of energy. 

These can include the installation and maintenance of solar panels, and storage projects to name a few. EAS and other companies like them are quickly learning and establishing themselves as irreplaceable components in the modern electric economy, and there are some crucial lessons to be taken from them.   

This article will be going over a few of the lessons that companies and businesses can take from EAS, these elements of their brand are what separates them from the other players in the market, and it’s not hard to see why. 

What Does EAS Have To Offer? 

Traditional & Innovative Solutions

One of the crucial elements that separate EAS from the competition is their array of services rendered, and what they can provide to residents and businesses in equal measure. The foundational element of their business model is electricity and electrical project work. 

The team of EAS is comprised of multiple experienced and unrestricted electricians who are able to adapt their skillsets to any project imaginable. It is this fundamental understanding of electrical work that catapults them into more innovative spaces and new technologies. 

Speaking of new technologies, let’s get into how EAS has redefined solar services and set the benchmark for companies to follow if they wish to succeed in the space. Their services extend into both the residential and commercial markets, which is atypical of an electrical enterprise who typically focus on one or the other. 

By cornering both markets, EAS has effectively shown that it is indeed possible to work on different scales and to different ends while still providing the same level of exquisite service. 

Bespoke Services

Tailoring and improvised thinking is what separates a cookie-cutter company from an industry-leader like EAS. This often comes down to experience and expertise, combined with a team dynamic that breeds teamwork and considerate solutions to complex issues for clients. This type of work ethic is essential for standing above the crowd and allows for more personalised solutions to better fit into each clients needs. 

Solar installations for instance often necessitate a little maneuverability and finesse. EV charging projects are still in their infancy stages and will also change in scale and scope from client to client.

Free Quotes & Good Customer Service 

You can’t have a successful company without having exceptional service and personable ethos in dealing with clients and suppliers. Some of the traditional approaches are still not out of style either, with the free quote being lost in time for many other companies, but for EAS, it is their opportunity to answer questions and showcase why they’re the first and only choice for bespoke electrical solutions.