Key Facts to Know About Acupuncture and IVF Treatment

acupuncturist's hand with a needle

The subject of acupuncture and IVF treatment can illicit a number of different reactions depending on the individual at the time.

Some will argue that it is nothing more than an experimental exercise, but there is enough evidence already to suggest that the ancient Chinese practice can deliver much more than hearsay.

In order to help educate couples as they negotiate through this tricky territory, it is important to outline the facts as they stand and offer points of clarification to address certain assumptions from the outside looking in.

A Complimentary Service

One of the key facts that should be explored with acupuncture and IVF treatment is that the service is designed to be complimentary rather than a panacea to solve the issue in its entirety. Couples should be regularly engaging with medical physicians and doctors who recommend these options as a way to improve chances. That is the purpose of this exercise, giving context to those who might be after a quick fix for their fertility concerns.

Boosting The Reproductive Organs

Acupuncture and IVF treatment is used as a solution for those that want to deliver more blood flow to the reproductive organs, offering medical assistance that could be effective with natural fertilisation. The application of thin needles inserted in key areas of the body are designed to be pain-free and unobtrusive, encouraging natural blood flow that can stimulate the libido. While results will vary, it can be a small detail that makes a world of difference when assessing the end result.

Reducing Stress & Anxiety Levels

Needless to say that women and men in these circumstances will be carrying a lot of stress and anxiety about their fertility, how they can achieve pregnancy and how they can cope with this process mentally and emotionally. Acupuncture and IVF treatment will definitively help in this regard, offering a way to release endorphins as the muscles relax and blood flow is stimulated across the body. It will be great assistance for those who have used other mechanisms to reduce stress like buying drugs over the counter.

The 3-Month Window

Woman receiving an acupuncture and IVF treatment

When it comes to examining acupuncture and IVF treatment as an overall package, medical specialists will advise booking in with these operators 12 weeks prior to the intrauterine insemination or the vitro fertilisation. This will give couples time to prepare their bodies and to improve their chances of falling pregnant. These consultations only require 25-50 minutes at a time for 1-2 visits per week, so planning should be made ahead of time.

One-on-One Private Care

The good news for constituents in this circumstance is that acupuncture for and treatment can be engaged in a private and confined space where medical specialists take care and pay one-on-one attention to their clientele. No personal details need to be disclosed to outside interests as a single representative helps to guide all parties through this process in a calm, safe and calculated manner.

Promising Studies, But No Definitive Conclusions

When it comes to the use of acupuncture for those who are looking at IVF treatments, they should know that there have been promising signals in this field of scientific research without reaching definitive conclusions about its effectiveness. It is not enough to say that pregnancy cannot be achieved without it or that it will be achieved following x amount of consultations. Acupuncture is widely encouraged for those that want to improve their chances, but no guarantees can be forthcoming.

The cost of investment with acupuncture and IVF treatment will be considered worthwhile given the potential benefits of the service. Participants by and large feel better physically and emotionally, helping to offset that struggle and stress that occurs during these moments. Consult with a personal GP and physician before exploring this path in more detail.