Is An Arborist Report Worth The Money?


Home and business owners will be referred to an arborist report provider if they attempt to alter their native landscape for a project or if they simply including or removing large trees and vegetation.

These tasks require diligence and expertise to execute correctly, but there are individuals who will place this matter low on their priority list or believe they can do some generic landscaping themselves to fix the problem.

Is that the best course of action to take?

Let us discuss the advantages of using Urban Arbor as a specialist in this field.

Safe and Secure Tree Removal Practices

When it comes to using saws, chainsaws, drills and other cutting and digging elements in the garden, the threat of an accident will always linger. This is the case even with an experienced professional in charge of the project, so this threat will naturally increase for a DIY operator for a home or business. Safe tree removal is an exercise that can be obtained when calling up Urban Arbor or other arborist report provider. These structures can do serious damage for a property if they happen to land in the wrong position or if there are branches or shrubbery that falls onto power lines, vehicles, sheds or other valuable assets. People have been injured and killed attempting to undertaking these tasks off their own accord without the appropriate levels of training and education to support the endeavour.

Receiving Council Approval

Cutting back vegetation and including any elements that would affect a street or neighbourhood requires council approval. To reach that benchmark, a certified arborist report has to be obtained as all avenues are evaluated and the risk is taken into account within the document. This will be part and parcel for businesses who are operating with a large-scale development project, but it can even be necessary for townhouses and extensions on residential properties. It will negate the need to consult council bodies by having a professional and independent operator working on behalf of the owner.

Identifying Vegetation Risks and Hazards

From deterioration and rot within the roots to an erosion of the soil condition and exposure to infections, an expert who offers their clientele an arborist report will be able to identify risks and hazards within the vegetation and native environment. The risk factor will be judged on a scale as certain elements of the property will be deemed from high to medium and low risk. Here is where proactive measures have to be put in place to mitigate against these threats.

Working on a Long-Term Landscaping and Vegetation Plan


One of the key benefits of accessing an arborist report is tapping into a planning framework that allows the property to thrive for years to come. From pruning back hazardous areas to revitalizing the soil condition and attacking the exposure of pests and infections, clients can return their asset to a healthy and balanced state where issues are not snowballing out of control.

Educational Tips and Insider Tricks

Clients who engage a professional arborist report are usually in the act of obtaining a short-term guarantee to protect their asset, but there is a long-term benefit that is rarely overlooked. Depending on the nature of the practitioner and their personal style, there will be those experts who are eager to pass on their knowledge and expertise to home and business owners in the expectation they will in engage in good practice. It can be a tip as simple as where to plant the trees, how often they should be watered, how long the branches should grow before cutting them back or types of soil to use for healthy fertile growth. That type of intellectual property would usually cost a fee in isolation, so as they assess the environment it is useful to pick their brain and pick up some insider tricks of the trade.


Unless a property has been professionally vetted and certified with an expert practitioner working on the environment regularly, then an arborist report is the only solution. Whilst the initial fee might put some home or business owners off the exercise, the costs can spiral out of control with council penalties, structural damage, pest infestation and other problems that will arise through a lack of oversight.