Importance of PPE in Hospitality Industry

Chef wearing PPE for the hospitality industry

As a restaurant owner, you need to provide your workers with the right equipment and supplies to enhance their safety and wellbeing. Like PPE in construction and medical centers are required, restaurants and hotels also need PPE in the hospitality industry to reduce the risk and keep the staff protected from all risks involved, including sprains, burns, and more. They include;

1. Hats

Headwear should be aesthetic and comfortable, made from thin and light fabrics, such as pure cotton or a mixture of cotton and polyester. The material should be lightweight precisely to not soar the head of the culinary worker and not interfere with him during work, but on the contrary – to make the work process simpler and more relaxed.

This PPE in hospitality perform several essential functions:

  • Safety or hygiene function – prevents hair from getting on food, as well as germs brought from the street
  • Facilitating work directly for cooks – hats restrain hair
  • Aesthetic perception of kitchen workers, as well as the creation of a company of its image

2. Robes

They differ in the fabrics and accessories used, the design of a particular model, cut and sewing style, and the presence of additional attributes that facilitate the fate of their owners in the course of work. PPE in hospitality must have properties that are, in one way or another, necessary in the performance of work obligations by service personnel:

  • Ease of movement and comfortable fit, increasing the chances of comfortable work
  • The ability of the uniform to wipe off even the most difficult and difficult to remove stains
  • Quality of gowns for the service sector, as well as high wear resistance
  • The best blended and pure types of fabrics allow the wearer to stay in a regular temperature regime

Robes are made from different types of fabrics, including nylon. PPE in hospitality made from this material is suitable for almost any service industry with staff. 

3. Aprons, sundresses, and sets

Aprons and dressing gowns for people who create beauty must have some properties: 

  • Allows you to wash it easily, even with dyes and varnishes
  • Has a lot of pockets where you can put the most necessary tools (combs, scissors )
  • Sewn not only based on convenience functions but also beauty and style.

For the PPE in hospitality to have a positive effect, it must have specific properties:

  • Fabric – to adapt to the temperature regime of a particular season, namely, it does not soar in hot weather and warms up in the cold season
  • Thin and pleasant to the touch material that gives its owner ease of movement
  • It is perfectly erased and does not preserve even the most difficult stains
  • It lends itself to convenient operation and does not wear out for a long time, allowing you to save on frequent purchases of uniforms

4. Aprons and sets for waiters

Overalls for waiters should correspond to the general idea of ​​the establishment and should not contradict the interior of the dining room in color or content. In addition, PPE in hospitality should be comfortable and functional. During the work shift, the waiter is in constant motion, so the overalls should not interfere with normal movement; otherwise, it is fraught with unexpected situations. 

The materials from which overalls for waiters are sewn must be high quality and wear-resistant during operation and maintenance. During the shift, the waiter can get dirty, so the dirt-repellent properties of fabrics should be at their best. The waiter’s uniform is washed at least as often as the tablecloths from the restaurant tables. As a result, the material itself and the dyes used, and the seams and fasteners must be reliable. 

An authentic elite restaurant should differ from competitors in everything – exclusive design, excellent location, author’s cuisine, wine list. The PPE in hospitality is also essential in this series – clean and tidy and bright and memorable. In a restaurant that cares about its reputation and the customers’ health, the requirements for unique clothing for kitchen staff are as strict as in a medical clinic. Professional clothing for cooks must be hygienic, clean, unbranded, and easy to wash.