How To Question Divorce Lawyers in Sydney to Test Their Skillset


Clients hoping to secure the best possible representation in the aftermath of a separation want to know that they have an advocate in the court system.

Divorce lawyers in Sydney are tasked with looking out for a spouse who has experienced a breakup and there is the potential for an ongoing struggle to ensue.

From child custody to significant household assets including a house or vehicle, the fight for control can become brutal.

This is where a talented and experienced solicitor can ease the pain and make the transition easier for all parties.

So how do you know if you have found the right professional and the right firm?

The only way to truly know is to ask them a series of outstanding questions.

The answers to these questions will speak to their acumen and suitability.


Do We Look To Settle or Litigate?

Settling through agreement is the best case scenario for a majority of divorce lawyers in Sydney. This is seen as an amicable solution where both parties have agreed terms, offered compromises and arrive at the same destination with a degree of positivity. A lawyer that wishes to litigate should only do so with the support and initiative of the client, as these cases come with no guaranteed outcome and a legal battle that will take a mental, emotional and financial toll on those that wish to fight it. Quiz your representative about their approach before probing for other questions.


How Much of a Priority is My Case?

If you happen to hire one of the top divorce lawyers in Sydney, then they will likely be in high demand all year round. Depending on the profile of the firm they might be stretched for resources and taking on your separation case might see your situation placed low down on the priority list. Ask them about their workload and how much time can be dedicated to this situation, because the higher the workload for the firm, the more distractions arise down the road.


How Long Have Your Practiced Divorce Law?

Each and every niche within the legal field is unique. Divorce lawyers in Sydney that have a great reputation will have a background in this department and it is important to test their experience in similar cases. Hiring a lawyer best known to you is not valuable if their background is administrative, criminal or corporate law. See if they have taken on cases that have parallels to yours and check their winning record.


How Much Will This Process Cost?

Sit down with your divorce lawyers in Sydney and quiz them on their financial transparency. An initial consultation might be free but you need to ensure that your budget will not be compromised. Different fee structures are fairly universal so see if an hourly rate, flat fee or fee depending on the outcome is available to you.


Are You Familiar With The Appointed Judge?

Having divorce lawyers in Sydney that have a prior professional relationship with the appointed judge is important, and not because of bias. This is to speak of their understanding of their ruling practices, what types of arguments they like to hear and the types they do not like to hear. If they have experience and knowledge in this respect, count that as a competitive advantage.



To secure genuine peace of mind about the divorce lawyers in Sydney that you have shortlisted as candidates, run a check on their references, testimonials and online ratings. Gauge feedback from previous clients and see if their experience is worthy of your investment. But do not be fearful or anxious about questioning your legal representative, because the cost of losing a separation case can extend well beyond this procedure.