Fun Facts About English Lollies

English lollies

English lollies are one of those things that we hate to love. While they taste delicious and are great for satisfying those certain sweet cravings, they definitely don’t help the waistline. However, they are incredibly fun and can create a sense of community amongst friends, families, and parties. Below we are going to explore some fun facts about English lollies that you might not know about.

Chocolate tastes different in different countries

If you are an avid traveler you will already know this fun fact but to those who aren’t, chocolate is among one of the many English lollies that taste different around the world. If you live in the UK you will find that English lollies and chocolate taste “normal” right? Well in Australia, Cadbury one of if not the biggest chocolate manufacturers and sellers, doesn’t add an ingredient to their sweets. Removing the vegetable fats from the recipe allows the chocolate to not melt as easily. Since Australia has a hot climate this step is very important to ensure that products don’t prematurely expire before they are sold and consumed.

Hershey’s chocolate is another English lolly that tastes different in different places. For many European chocolate fans, they have found that Hershey’s from America smells and tastes like vomit. This effect comes from a PGPR emulsifier (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate) that is used to replace cocoa butter. The emulsifier is made from castor beans which do emulate the smell and taste of vomit. This American recipe stayed like this for 120 years until in 2015 where they announced they would be removing the ingredient.

Snickers went by a different name for a long time

Closeup of various famous chocolate bars

Another fun fact about English lollies is that the names of certain products evolve over time. If you or a relative was around back in the old days, Marathon Bars may be but a distant memory. However, Marathon Bars are the predecessor to the Snickers Bar. When this product was launched in America in 1930 the name was changed to Snickers.

Apparently legend has the naming of the bar to be after a horse. Interesting that some English lollies that people know and love have such a long history that not many people know about.

Jelly Babies are over 100 years old!

Even though the English lollies go by the name of jelly babies, they are in fact over 100 years old! These sweets were initially launched in 1918 under the name of Peace Babies by the Bassett’s. They were named this to commemorate the end of the First World War and would be relaunched at a later date with a different name in the 1950s. These treats became a household staple with many families and even celebrities loving them.

Fans of the Beetles would stock up on this confectionery and would reportedly shower the band with them as it was George Harrison’s favorite snack.

Fudge was an American accident

Fudge has become a sweet that is loved throughout the entire world but many people don’t realize its true origin. Legend has it that the first batch of fudge was created in America, 1880 when a batch of caramel turned wrong. Instead of that gooeyness that caramel was renowned for, it was harder and easier to handle. To make sure that it didn’t go to waste, the batch was sold in Baltimore in 1886. Back then the going price for fudge was 40 cents per pound.

Again another crazy fact that most people don’t know! If anything you should have plenty of party trivia to talk about at your net gathering!