Five Things To Consider When Selecting An Online Smoke Shop

glass pipe bought in an online smoke shop

Selecting an online smoke shop isn’t as simple as just finding a website that sells bongs or other accessories that catch your eye. In order to avoid falling prey to scams (or having your new toys confiscated at customs) it’s important to do a bit of research into any of the nearby online smoke shop that you’re considering. That’s why we’ve put together this list of things to think about before hitting that checkout button. 

Product Range

The first thing you’re going to want to think about when selecting an online smoke shop is the product range that they offer. Not matter how reputable a website may be, they’re not the best option for you if they don’t have the products that you’re looking for. If you’re simply browsing for fun feel free to make your selections from pretty much any online smoke shop that passes the test with the other factors in this article. But if you’re after something specific, make sure that whoever you’re choosing to purchase from has the right type of product in their range before you go hunting through their site.

Customer Reviews

The next thing you’re going to want to look at when selecting an online smoke shop is their customer reviews. This applies to both products and service. Unless you’re buying a brand that you’ve used before, you’re not going to have the best idea of how a product stacks up from simply reading its listing on a website. By the same token, unless you’re buying from an online smoke shop that you’ve purchased from before, you’re not going to know what their customer service is like. Reading reviews helps you avoid any suspect products or sites and you may even come across suggestions for products that could be quite useful to you even though you haven’t previously considered them.

Shipping Policy

old man using a bong

Waiting for shipping is never fun but it isn’t just the carrier time that you need to consider. A good online smoke shop will outline how long fulfillment takes internally (i.e. picking, packing and processes your order) as well as how long they expect the carriers that they use to take to deliver your items. While anything related to external factors will obviously be essentially guesswork as it is technically out of the control of your chosen online smoke shop, it’s still a good idea to hunt down a rough timeframe before completing your purchase so you know how long you’re going to have to wait.

Returns Policy

You’ll also want to look into what their returns policy is like as buying things without physically interacting with them doesn’t always turn out how you expect it to. While a good online smoke shop will do everything within their power to ensure that your purchase arrives as described, they can’t control whether damage occurs during the shipping process. This means that a robust returns policy is an absolute must unless you’re willing to simply wear the costs if a carrier damages your purchase.


Finally, you’ll also want to think about where any online smoke shop that you’re considering purchasing from is based. This is because different parts of the world have different laws in regards to the type of product you’re most likely shopping for, and you don’t want to come unstuck and end up in hot water. For example, if your item goes through the wrong place during transit, it may simply be confiscated before it can arrive at your door. In some instances, however, you could end up in a position where jail time is a real possibility, so it’s always important to check where things are coming from and whether they’ll make it through customs and to you.

Now you know what to look for, go forth and find your preferred online smoke shop!