Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Feathering

Woman getting an eyebrow feathering treatment

Eyebrow feathering is a permanent make-up technique in which the entire length of the brow is painted over. Visually, the eyebrows look like shadows. The specialist fills in the gaps between the hairs using paint. Using the shadow shading method, you can correct eyebrows that are too thin and if the hairs grow unevenly. Dye is applied using a special machine and to obtain a beautiful effect you can use several colors that are close in the shade.

Who is eyebrow feathering suitable for?

If you have thick eyebrows, but the hairs grow unevenly and in some places, the skin shows through, correction using the eyebrows feathering method can help. In this case, it is desirable that the color of the paint be as close to natural as possible. This technique works well if you need to make your eyebrows wider.


Eyebrow feathering has the following benefits:

  • Restores the symmetry of the eyebrows;
  • Creates the effect of thicker eyebrows;
  • Corrects shape and length;
  • Allows you to hide scars and defects.

What are the Types of Eyebrow Feathering?

There are several eyebrow feathering options, each with its own characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Soft shading: In this case, the contour of the eyebrows is highlighted, and the “background” is also slightly tinted. It is the best option for owners with light hair.

Dense shading: It differs from the above type in strong drawing, as well as in the presence of clear lines. Shooting makes it possible to blend the pigment gently. This option is suitable for girls who either have no hairs at all, or are located at a great distance from each other.

3D effect: Combines two methods at once: hair and shading. It is applicable if the eyebrows need to be thickened.

Differences between eyebrow feathering and the hair method

eyebrow feathering concept

The eyebrow feathering method, in contrast to the hair technique, is more suitable for those who have no eyebrows or they are so rare that it is impossible to add volume to them on their own. But the hair technique is intended for those who want to change the shape of their eyebrows or make them a little more voluminous.

Also, the shading method is simpler and faster, but the hair technique is much more complicated, so the choice of a master should be taken seriously.

Eyebrow feathering procedure

Like any other cosmetic procedure, eyebrow feathering consists of several mandatory stages that must be passed:

  • Drawing a sketch:  At this stage, the specialist draws a sketch of the future tattoo – he applies an eyebrow contour using a pencil and shadows, taking into account the shape of the face, age and wishes of the client. At this stage, the client can make any changes.
  • Eyebrow correction: Correction of eyebrows, according to the applied sketch (removal of excess hairs).
  • Contour line correction: At this stage, the specialist applies the final drawing with a marker pencil.
  • Selection of shades of paints: He can use several shades or use only one pigment – in any case, they are selected based on the color of the hair and eyes.
  • Application of anesthetics: Despite the painlessness of shots, in most cases, anesthetics are still used to avoid even the slightest discomfort.
  • Pigment injection: The master selects the optimal needles and, using a typewriter, gradually injects the pigment under the skin, since the application of each layer of paint requires the use of needles of different thicknesses.
  • Antiseptic application: Applying an antiseptic and/or soothing compress.

Eyebrows after the eyebrow feathering procedure look quite natural; they seem to be slightly tinted, that is, the color intensity increases. If a person is not an expert, then he will hardly be able to tell the difference. Also, these eyebrows have a very well-groomed and neat look.