Do I Need Salon Insurance In Australia?

Salon with salon insurance in Australia

When you decide that you want to open a salon in Australia, there are a lot of things that you might not initially think about, such as insurance needs for your company. As with any business, salons need insurance, and some due to the nature of a salon, there are a couple of things that are exclusive to salon insurance in Australia. Here are a few different kinds of insurance that you will need for your salon.

Liability insurance

If someone believes that they are injured at your salon, then they have grounds to sue you for any of their personal or property injuries and you will have to compensate them or fight them in court. Liability insurance covers this and it won’t completely break your bank if someone decides to make a claim against your salon business. The different kinds of liability insurance that you will need for your salon include employer’s liability insurance, public liability insurance, and products liability insurance. For public liability insurance, there are some things that are excluded and you will need to pay extra for extensions on public liability insurance. If you have any employees, you need to legally get employer’s liability insurance. If you are selling any beauty products in your salon, it is a good idea to get products liability insurance, just in case any of the products are defective and someone makes a claim against your business for any product that you have sold them.

Property insurance

If you have a building for your beauty salon, you will need to get property insurance, just in case something happens to the property, such as a fire or vandalism. Property insurance also covers theft, which is extremely useful, especially when dealing with expensive and small items that are commonly found in a salon.

Legal expenses insurance

Just in case you find yourself in some legal case, whether someone else is suing you over your products that you sold them or there are disputes in your contracts, you will find legal expenses insurance to be incredibly valuable and lifesaving. Legal expenses insurance also covers criminal charges, which hopefully shouldn’t be used at all, but just in case you accidentally do something illegal, you will have backup and insurance can cover it.

Salon insurance in Australia

Professional beautician while doing an eyebrow tattoo on a client

Salon insurance in Australia isn’t a requirement, but it is a good idea to have. This will cover everything else that the other kinds of insurance don’t cover, and can be incredibly useful to own. There are lots of different kinds of mistakes that you can make in a beauty salon, and it can be confusing to some insurance companies to receive a claim that someone accidentally got their face cut in your business. Having salon insurance in Australia, they will understand everything that goes on in your business and you will be covered for it. People like to make big deals out of a lot of things, and feel entitled to perfection everywhere they go. Unfortunately, these kinds of people can destroy businesses by taking them to court over incredibly small things, such as a bad haircut that they requested. Salon insurance will cover your needs and protect you against these kinds of people.

As you can see, there are a lot of different kinds of insurance that you will need for your beauty salon. Salon insurance in Australia isn’t that expensive, and covers a pretty large portion of things that you might encounter in your beauty salon business. As the common saying goes, “it is better to be safe than sorry” and getting salon insurance in Australia will make you feel safe.