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The Benefits Of Using Smart Film For Glass

Window with smart film for glass

Evolving technologies have made our lives much easier and more efficient, as is evident with the new smart film for glass. Every aspect of our lives has been made more accessible and efficient, from work to recreational factors. Innovative technologies have made for progress in the business world allowing for efficiency and effectiveness, and in our own homes with interactive homes and smart film for glass. This is one of the more recent developments for homes, and allows new functionality within a home and access to many features that can make your life easier. It allows smart film for glass to be placed over a surface, and is then linked to a smartphone or switch using an electrical current. Once it has been placed over a surface, smart film for glass allows you to control the visibility of the surface through a smartphone or switch.

The versatility of the technology is incredible, and is beneficial for both residential and commercial windows.

Here are some of the benefits of using smart film for glass.

High versatility

Smart film for glass is highly versatile, and can be used in a range of different environments including an office or a home. It can be used in a home for privacy purposes, as the window can be activated to be visible through and all you to look outside and others to look inside. However, when privacy is required, you can turn off the visibility and this will make the window opaque.

This will make it not possible to see through, however it will still allow some light through so the room will not be dark, just simply not visible to look at through the window. In an office environment, the window can serve a variety of purposes for work. If the visibility is turned off and the surface of the window is opaque, it can be used as a projector due to the technological links that it can have with smartphones and other devices.

This versatility in different environments is why smart film for glass is so in demand right now.

It looks trendy

Gone are the days of bulky blinds and curtains in homes.

The smart film for glass allows your home or office environment to look clean and unburdened by the bulky material of blinds and curtains which can often look aesthetically unappealing. Having this technology adds a certain ‘wow!’ factor to the environment, as activating it through a smartphone or switch can look very cool. This can also be beneficial when selling a home as it will amaze potential buyers and add value to the property due to its trendiness and innovation as a house of the future. It can also help to amaze business partners and those coming for meetings in an office, and help to set your business name as one that is innovative and trendy.

It is cost effective

The use of smart film for glass is definitely cost effective.

By activating it, it does not allow heat to travel through using its opaque visibility on the surface of the window, and will allow heat to travel through if it is not activated. This can help reduce the use of an air conditioner or heater, and reduce the energy bill greatly.

In summary, the use of smart film for glass is an innovative technology that is highly versatile, adds a trendy element to your environment and can be cost effective. These are all reasons to consider purchasing and using smart film for glass and making your environment part of the future of technology and innovation.

Methods for Homeowners Accessing a New 3 Phase Solar Inverter System

solar panels

Homeowners who have been introduced to a 3 phase solar inverter suddenly find that their power capabilities are improved across the board.

Whether it is designed for premises large and small to locations in suburban, metropolitan and rural communities of the country, these designs allow for a more robust system to be embraced.

There can be concerns for some constituents transitioning to solar power with its reliability from one season to the next, but the inclusion of these units takes the infrastructure to another level.

The challenge for consumers is knowing what methods they can use to identify a product that works for them.

Ensuring 3-Phase Supply Access

Before homeowners approach providers for a 3 phase solar inverter, they should ensure that they actually have access to a 3-phase supply system. This will differentiate for households depending on their local lines and power networks, creating regions that offer extensive access and others that remain on single-phase supply lines. Participants should make contact with their local energy company and council representatives to see what their status is.

Working With a Budget Plan

Fortunately, a 3 phase solar inverter is not an overly costly investment for those who have already sourced their own panel infrastructure. However, given the pressures of weekly living and the increase in operational costs, it is still beneficial to craft a budget with such a purchase and stick to that figure. Run an online check for units in this market and assess what the mean figure happens to be, allowing for financial expectations to be set.

Assessing Suppliers on Their Merits

For shoppers to have confidence with the acquisition of a 3 phase solar inverter, they need to know that the brand is reliable and performs up to industry standard. It is an exercise that works like any other for a major purchase in 2020, whether this is for a phone or a car. Take stock of the user ratings and the feedback written by other customers who have already been through this before. Personal referrals will help with this activity as well, offering firsthand data on their commercial performance.

Determining Power Application Use

two men installing a 3 phase solar inverter

It is important to consider what types of products and appliances will stand to gain from a 3 phase solar inverter before making an official selection choice. From the air conditioner to the sauna, the television and computer sets to the smart fridge, electric car charger and speaker system, the more connections in play will mean a heavier reliance on the inverter design.

Residual Value Brands

Community members who are scouring the market for a 3 phase solar inverter want designs that provide genuine long-term value for their investment. With costs rising to more than $300-$500 for a single-phase brand, it pays to source an outlet that will enjoy lower voltage drops and balances the phases for superior performance.

Flexible Device Use

3-phase homeowners don’t have to be boxed into a single operating system in these settings. This is an opportunity for 3-phase supply constituents to either adapt a converter for this model or to select a single-phase design or a microinverter. For those constituents who want the freedom to switch between these connections, then they should identify an outlet that works accordingly.

Installation & Assistance Provisions

For shoppers who are paying close attention to inverters in this sector, it is important to do business with providers who extend installation and assistance provisions. It will take time for any homeowner to become familiar with a 3 phase solar inverter, so the inclusion of online and offline support through tutorials will make all the difference. The same can be said for extended warranty coverage.

4 Benefits Of Visiting An Online Smoke Shop

glass bong from an online smoke shop

If you are looking for any products and paraphernalia related to indulging in tobacco or vaping, then a trusted online smoke shop is one of the best places you can go to. These types of digital storefronts have all kinds of items for sale, and they can be very beneficial when compared with their brick and mortar counterparts.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best benefits of online smoke shops.

1.    Completely digital

The most obvious benefit of a trusted online smoke shop is the fact that it’s not a physical store. Because it’s not a physical store, it means that they can save money on staffing costs and building insurance, allowing them to pass on more savings to you, the customer.

Of course, it also means that you don’t need to travel anywhere to get the products that you want. It’s as simple as hopping onto your computer or smartphone and selecting the products you want to buy.

While you won’t be able to use cash, you probably hardly use cash for anything these days. Transactions are fast and easy, and you don’t feel the same kind of pressure to buy that you might get from a clerk in a physical store.

2.    Easier shopping experience

If there’s one thing that’s true about most physical stores, it’s that they can feel pretty cluttered and overwhelming when you step inside. This makes it difficult to properly compare your options, and you can feel rushed to select something when there are other customers hanging around you or wanting to look at a shelf you are looking at.

An online smoke shop means you don’t need to experience any of that. With everything displayed on a digital store, you can easily browse the entire product range at a pace that suits you can make a clear decision about what you want.

The nature of an online smoke shop also makes it easier to find something within your budget. This is because there will be a price slider you can use to filter results by price so that you only browse the things that suit your budget.

All of this gives you an easier time choosing what you want and makes you feel less pressured by a timeframe to pick something. If you are buying something like a new bong that can be expensive, you want to be sure that you are making the best value choice for you.

3.    See new products quicker

An online smoke shop is also going to have more new release items come directly to it since its all-digital. They will be able to obtain and sell stock more easily than a physical store which needs to do a lot of different things to get the products ready for sale.

4.    Get products shipped straight to your door

Another great benefit of an online smoke shop is that you can have products shipped straight to your front door. This means you won’t have to worry about going somewhere and taking it back home with you – it’s all done for you, and you just need to pick it up when it arrives at your home.

This is super convenient because you don’t need to go anywhere to get the products you want. The online smoke shop means you can just order what you want from the comfort of home and have it shipped to your so that you don’t need to lift another finger.

As you can see, there are lots of great benefits that make an online smoke shop truly unique.

3 Key Tips To Follow When You’re Looking For A New Leather Lounges To Buy

leather lounges

You’ve decided you want to buy a leather lounges – congratulations! It’s one of the timeless classics when it comes to furniture, and it complements most if not all interior designs it is included in.

However, there’s going to a broad range of options out there when you go shopping. Whether you’re doing it online or visiting a furniture showroom, you’ll have a lot to consider when you are deciding which leather lounges you want to invest your money in.

The following will list 3 key tips you want to follow when you are buying a new leather lounges for your home.

1.    Explore your options online first

While it’s fun to head down to a furniture showroom and spend the day testing out the comfort of different leather lounges, have you considered going the online route? The internet will present you with far more options than you could hope to find in a single showroom, and you can use the platform to find deals that you can’t in-person.

While it’s certainly possible to get a great deal by visiting a showroom, the internet is one of the best resources you can take advantage of when searching for anything. Having all of your options available to you at the touch of a button makes the whole process much quicker and easier.

For example, using an internet browser like Google Chrome enables you to set bookmarks on pages you like and come back to compare them later on. This lets you search, pause, and come back to the search anytime you want without losing any progress.

Using the internet to keep tabs on the various purchases you have available to you make the selection process much easier. Don’t underestimate the power of the internet when you are searching for a new leather lounges to buy.

2.    Make sure that you have accurate measurements

Of course, when you are buying any major new fixture for your home you need to measure the space it is going to go in. Leather lounges come in many different sizes and configurations, so you need to know dimensions like width with a high degree of accuracy, especially if you know the space is small.

Failing to record and use accurate measurements means that you are essentially going in blind and taking a chance that your new leather lounges will fit. It would be terrible if you spend a lot of money on a sofa that did not fit in the space you wanted it to, and it may be difficult to return if there is nothing wrong with it and you made the mistake of not measuring.

Make sure you leave some clearance on either side of the couch so that it’s not an overly snug fit. There is a difference between fitting in the space and comfortably fitting in the space.

3.    Consider your budget

leather sofa made of real animal hide

Naturally, you need to spend some time considering your budget when buying a new leather lounges for your home. This type of furniture is durable and good-looking, but it is also more expensive than canvas sofas and other materials that are less expensive to produce.

Because a leather lounges comes from real animal hide, it has a higher cost for production. Also, they are considered a prestigious type of furniture, so they are more expensive in general than other kinds.

Make sure you stick within your budget and don’t overpay when you are looking for this type of furniture for your home—hunt for the best deal without compromising on the quality of the product.

The Advantages Of Getting A Building Condition Report For A Property


Buying a property is one of the biggest investments somebody will make in their entire life. Buying a property is a serious financial commitment, and requires a lot of thought and research before proceeding.
For this reason, it is a good idea to get a building condition report for the property in question. By obtaining building condition reports for a property, the buyers can proceed to know that they are going to purchase a property that is in good condition and will not have any defects that will undermine the asking price. It will tell you if there are any defects to the structure or if there are any hazards and problems that will need to be addressed. This can cost a lot of money to fix, so it is important to know in order to determine if the asking price for the property is reasonable. Otherwise, you may obtain a property that will need fixing and end up spending more on top of the asking price.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a building condition report for a property.

Find structural integrity defects

A building condition report will ensure that any defects to the structural integrity of the property will be found. This will ensure that you are buying a property that is safe to live in. Having structural defects can mean that the structural integrity of the property is questionable, which can often be dangerous. The structure is the skeleton of the property and if it is defected then it can put the safety of the inhabitants into question. You definitely do not want this if you are going to live in the property. Furthermore, if the property has defects to its structural integrity, then the asking price may be much too high. A structural defect should bring the house price down significantly, as this is very difficult to fix. You want to get a building condition report to ensure you are not paying more for the property than what it is worth.

Finding if there are any pests or hazards

A man in a hard hat completing a building condition report

A building condition report is a good way to find out if the property you intend on purchasing has any pests that could affect the structure and the health of the occupants, and if there are any hazards that could be potentially dangerous. Pests such as termites can eat away at the wood in the house, and cause structural damage to the property. This can lead to the house being deemed as unstable and unsafe. Other pests such as cockroaches, rats and other bugs can create an unhygienic environment which can lead to health issues. A building condition report will also tell you if there are any hazards to watch out for. These hazards could include loose or open electrical wires which can cause damage to material around it or if touched. Another hazard could do with the sanitation and the plumbing, as it needs to be stable and tight otherwise a leak and possibly unhygienic conditions could arise.

It acts as legal documentation

A building condition report acts as legal documentation to show that you knew what was wrong with the property before you bought it. This can be used to help solve issues that may arise down the line, as the previous owner may claim that the issues were not there before the purchase. A building condition report will prove that you have seen that these issues were present before the purchase of the property.

In summary, a building condition report is a good way to see any defects the building may have before purchasing, and will tell you whether the asking price is worth it or not.

The Benefits of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney During a Long-Term Separation

Family facing a divorce

Deciding to end a relationship after many years will be a real struggle for adults who are still living with pain, anger and regret.

Although the breakup can be on fairly amicable terms, it is wise for participants to make contact with a trusted divorce lawyer in Sydney to oversee their case and ensure that there is no evidence of oversight before an agreement is reached.

Some citizens will be happy to accept terms on face value given the extent of their loving relationship, but it is always sound practice to have an experienced authority on the matter overview the materials.

We will discuss why these operators are brought in to guide their constituents through this difficult time.

Speaking in a Confidential Space

The ability to confide in a trusted party is essential for women and men who are managing a long-term separation. This is why citizens will reach out and get in contact with a divorce lawyer in Sydney, providing them a confidential space in which they can outline their opinions and their plans without concern about disclosing those thoughts with outside interests. It is a major benefit for those who are dubious about who to trust, especially with some friends and family members who are familiar with each spouse.

Assessing Rights & Responsibilities

Divorce lawyer in Sydney assisting a couple on their separation

There is an educational component that is involved with a divorce lawyer in Sydney for the benefit of their client. From the assets and liabilities to elements including child rights, homeownership, investments, business interests, and other areas that will be subjected to further scrutiny, it is imperative on the individual to talk these matters over with their legal representative. They will have certain entitlements that will remain in place, but there will be some responsibilities that have to be considered as well.

Saving on Costs

Making the choice to hire a divorce lawyer in Sydney will make sense when it comes to the financial imperative of the client. They will be in a position to stand firm on certain assets and accounts while pushing for financial leverage with the other spouse. Then there are the policies from the firms as well, ensuring there are flexible agreements that can be found with flat fees and prices that are calculated from the divorce document.

Concentrating on Other Tasks

A divorce lawyer in Sydney will be in a position to handle the more mundane activities involved in a long-term separation procedure. From the applications and filing of paperwork to dealing with mediators, surveyors, assessment officials and other third parties that takes up hours in the working week, their intervention will help with the heavy lifting of the exercise.

Planning For The Future

A divorce lawyer in Sydney won’t walk away from the scene once an agreement has been signed. They will be available to offer their services for constituents who are after long-term planning procedures, ensuring that they can recover from the relationship and start a new phase. From the logistics of the separation to various interests in their career prospects and living arrangements, practitioners in this field have the experience to rely on.

It is hard enough as it is dealing with a long-term separation to attempt to settle on an agreement without representation. A few minutes of research is all that is required to identify a shortlist of candidates for a divorce lawyer in Sydney, offering a range of different firms that bring their own skillset to the equation. By engaging them on their merit and opening a dialogue, women and men can start the process and put the foundations in place to begin their next life chapter.

How Scaffolding Operators Can Protect Their Project Interests


Scaffolding operators need to be strategic about their decisions when selecting a structure that will get the job done on time and within budget.

Their main objective is to offer safe passage for individual operators and teams, empowering developers, builders, electricians, painters, window installers and other specialists to carry out their task efficiently.

If there is any oversight or shortcuts taken with these designs, that can cause havoc for the operators and their clients in domestic and commercial settings.

We will offer a guide for those that want to protect the interests of the project, following a series of principles that will produce quality results for all parties.

Reflecting on Scaffolding Expertise & Experience

The level of experience that is brought to the equation should inform how scaffolding designs are sourced. In order to buy or rent some of these utilities, a professional license will have to be showcased. Yet there are other formats that can be purchased or rented for general homeowners who do not have those qualifications. That is a clear proposition for operators who do not want to be restricted by red tape, giving them the chance to access materials that are ideally suited for the task at hand.

Nature of The Environmental Terrain

Where the scaffolding is positioned is a make or break consideration. From gravel and clay to sandstone, bitumen, concrete pavement and grass lawns, the sturdiness of the structure will vary from one type of environment to the next. In order to maintain its integrity and not collapse, clients must source these goods understanding that it will remain in position given those surface properties.

Financial Protections

The terms and conditions of service that are stipulated in the fine print will detail whether or not a scaffolding structure is financially viable. Some outlets will extend the privilege of warranties, returns and repairs within the same package. Others will not venture into that territory, reducing the initial retail price to turnover more stock. This is where participants need to make a short vs. long-term investment decision.

Clear User Details

These structures are unique and will depend on their format. Given these varieties from one brand to the next, it is important to source materials that clearly communicate the weight loading parameters, how high the item is set and other key details that individual operators need to know. If there is any ambiguity on this front, then it is easy to make assumptions about these details before an accident occurs on site.

Ability to Store The Structure

Storage is not a central consideration for those who only hire scaffolding designs for short-term projects. However, for those who are buying the product outright or will be using these goods for long-term developments, they need to be able to find safe storage spaces on site. From a garage or shed location to a storage facility that is accessible, take note of where the material can be kept away.

Ability to Transport The Structure

Moving a scaffolding brand from point A to point B is easier said than done for certain operators. For some professional team members and sole contractors, they will have access to heavy vehicles with ample storage space. Others can struggle in this domain, placing the responsibility on the customer to consider alternatives. Think about how the material can be collapsed and safely transported.

Much of the battle with operators who source scaffolding designs is applying sound logic, commonsense and patience. Often the best solution won’t present itself immediately, but there will be industry peers and community representatives who will point the client in the right direction. Adhere to these principles to get the maximum value for investment.

Everything You Need To Know About Novel IP Investigations

3D illustration of two rubber stamps with the text registered trademark. Trade-mark registration in Australia concept

Intellectual property refers to the outcome of human creativity and expression. It is something that a person has created and produced using their creative inspiration and intellect. This could refer to anything, like art, music, computer software, industrial goods, consumer goods, new inventions and films. An original creative endeavour that produces a unique good is protected as per intellectual property laws. Novel IP investigations are a critical part of protecting intellectual property rights while ensuring that creators are appropriately recognised for their contributions.

Breaking down intellectual property

Unlike conventional property, intellectual assets are intangible, easily copied and usually quite expensive to develop. There are various forms of protecting intellectual property, like using trademark registration in Australia, copyrights, patents and industrial designs.

The purpose of Novel IP investigations

Intellectual property can be breached in a variety of ways. As a result, the purpose of these inquiries to determine the following:

  • Whether a violation has occurred
  • Who is responsible for the violation
  • The severity of the violation

Types of violations

There are many different methods of breaching intellectual property laws, which are as follows:

  • Patent infringement
  • Breach of trade secrets
  • Data breaches/leaks
  • Brand imitation
  • Product copying
  • Illegal use of trademarks
  • Copyright abuse

Individuals who might ask for Novel IP investigations

Holding a trademark or a patent can be an incredibly valuable financial asset. Film producers and distributors always have copyrights listed against films they finance and produce, and the same principle applies to entertainment and gaming companies. As technology has evolved, piracy has proven to be one of the largest threats against filmmakers, software publishers and literary creators, primarily because it massively undercuts their revenue profitability.

How a professional firm can assist

If you believe that your intellectual property has been violated or breached, then reach out to a team of private investigators, who can begin gathering evidence and supporting information to prove your case in a courtroom.

Professional investigators can identify how and when a trademark or patent was broken, and by whom. They’ll perform a range of services to collate this information for you and prepare it as evidence. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Competitor surveys

Competitor surveys can reveal whether any of your close competitors have unlawfully copied your original product or prototype, without adequately acknowledging your involvement. These surveys will provide the Court with evidence to suggest that counterfeit operators have compromised your competitive landscape.

Domain name bad faith

Some website domain names can be almost similar or identical to others. If a domain name is purposely like a close competitor (to tap into their market share), then the domain name will need to be changed. The same principle can be applied to business names and other business-related processes. In Australia, the gourmet burger chain, “Down N Out” was forced to change its business name after losing a trademark battle with the US-based food outlet, “In-N-Out Burger”. The chain subsequently changed its name to “Nameless Bar”.

Fabricated online identities

It’s quite common to come across counterfeited goods online and no method of contacting the seller. Investigative firms often use a variety of techniques to identify different sellers, using social media accounts and other means.

What can the Courts do?

If your Novel IP investigations prove successful, then the next logical step is to take it to Court. By presenting it to a judge, you’ll find out whether you are entitled to recognition and financial compensation for efforts that have not been recognised (often termed “punitive damages”). The judge will likely call for an injunction as well, which essentially means the unlawful act can no longer continue.

How Do I Find Electrical Wholesalers Near Me?

Electrician and his electrical supplies at the floor

Electricians will know that carrying out the search for good and reliable ‘electrical wholesalers near me’ can be a challenge. There’s plenty of options nowadays but not all of them are good. Having a supplier on hand and close by is essential for smooth operations and good productivity, but just how do you go about finding good electrical wholesalers near me and what makes them good?

Great brands

A lot of electricians have brands that they prefer or trust. Many electricians will remain loyal to the same brand for many years because they know their products are reliable, quality and fit for the purpose they need so top of mind for many professional when search for ‘electrical wholesalers near me’ is that suppliers have a good range of brands and products available. Brand recognition is very important in an industry where safety and function are key. One of the essential things for most electricians when choosing a supplier is that they have trusted brands available.

Affordable prices

adapter and chords

Whilst reputable brands are important, they’re not the only factor. Another important consideration for many electricians when searching for an ‘electrical wholesaler near me’ is that the price is right. The best suppliers are able to offer the most affordable prices for quality products because of economies of scale and they are often open to providing discounts to loyal customers. They may also be open to haggling on prices and won’t necessarily have fixed prices. Large companies for instance may find that they have more room for negotiation and suppliers will be happy to work with them on price in order to attract their business. Many electricians will opt to work with multiple suppliers in order to get the best prices on different products so this is certainly a very important consideration.

Knowledge and expertise

When it comes to finding a good ‘electrical wholesaler near me’, expertise and great customer service can be a huge bonus. Many companies will choose to work with suppliers that have great customer services and very knowledgeable staff available to answer any questions. Electricians work in a very niche field that uses a lot of different terminology and requires a great deal of experience so highly skilled staff are a must. Staff who know and understand the industry can make the purchasing process much easier and are able to help out with good product recommendations. They can also help out with providing training and support for specific equipment or by providing advice for projects or complex jobs.

Delivery speed

Another very important factor is the speed at which items can be delivered and provided. It would be expected that most basic items would be on had and available immediately whilst other items that require ordering should be able to be sourced quickly and delivered fast. This is especially important for electricians who often deal with urgent jobs and need their orders to come fast. It’s especially helpful when online ordering is available or when suppliers can deliver items to site or have fast collection processes in place.

Product availability

Another important factor when choosing suppliers is that they have good product availability and ranges. Can you get the things you need or are they limited in what they can provide? It can be painful when you have to search around or go to other suppliers to access specific items. Suppliers with good product availability and a large range make the process much simpler for electricians and can save a lot of time. Good product availability helps to massively simplify ordering processes.

Fun Facts About English Lollies

English lollies

English lollies are one of those things that we hate to love. While they taste delicious and are great for satisfying those certain sweet cravings, they definitely don’t help the waistline. However, they are incredibly fun and can create a sense of community amongst friends, families, and parties. Below we are going to explore some fun facts about English lollies that you might not know about.

Chocolate tastes different in different countries

If you are an avid traveler you will already know this fun fact but to those who aren’t, chocolate is among one of the many English lollies that taste different around the world. If you live in the UK you will find that English lollies and chocolate taste “normal” right? Well in Australia, Cadbury one of if not the biggest chocolate manufacturers and sellers, doesn’t add an ingredient to their sweets. Removing the vegetable fats from the recipe allows the chocolate to not melt as easily. Since Australia has a hot climate this step is very important to ensure that products don’t prematurely expire before they are sold and consumed.

Hershey’s chocolate is another English lolly that tastes different in different places. For many European chocolate fans, they have found that Hershey’s from America smells and tastes like vomit. This effect comes from a PGPR emulsifier (Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate) that is used to replace cocoa butter. The emulsifier is made from castor beans which do emulate the smell and taste of vomit. This American recipe stayed like this for 120 years until in 2015 where they announced they would be removing the ingredient.

Snickers went by a different name for a long time

Closeup of various famous chocolate bars

Another fun fact about English lollies is that the names of certain products evolve over time. If you or a relative was around back in the old days, Marathon Bars may be but a distant memory. However, Marathon Bars are the predecessor to the Snickers Bar. When this product was launched in America in 1930 the name was changed to Snickers.

Apparently legend has the naming of the bar to be after a horse. Interesting that some English lollies that people know and love have such a long history that not many people know about.

Jelly Babies are over 100 years old!

Even though the English lollies go by the name of jelly babies, they are in fact over 100 years old! These sweets were initially launched in 1918 under the name of Peace Babies by the Bassett’s. They were named this to commemorate the end of the First World War and would be relaunched at a later date with a different name in the 1950s. These treats became a household staple with many families and even celebrities loving them.

Fans of the Beetles would stock up on this confectionery and would reportedly shower the band with them as it was George Harrison’s favorite snack.

Fudge was an American accident

Fudge has become a sweet that is loved throughout the entire world but many people don’t realize its true origin. Legend has it that the first batch of fudge was created in America, 1880 when a batch of caramel turned wrong. Instead of that gooeyness that caramel was renowned for, it was harder and easier to handle. To make sure that it didn’t go to waste, the batch was sold in Baltimore in 1886. Back then the going price for fudge was 40 cents per pound.

Again another crazy fact that most people don’t know! If anything you should have plenty of party trivia to talk about at your net gathering!

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